Schumi 1991 F1 Debut

JORDAN 191 Commemorative Print.

Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful Formula 1 cars of all time.


At the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix Formula 1 witnessed the first chapter of what would transpire to be the most successful career in the sport's history. 22 year old, relatively unknown young German driver by the name of Michael Schumacher made his F1 debut.

Schumacher failed to finish the race, but his astonishing performance in qualifying, when he claimed seventh place on the grid for the Jordan team, amounted to immediate confirmation that a star had been born.


The Jordan 191 was the first Formula One car built by Jordan Grand Prix and participated in the 1991 Formula One season.

The car was designed by a team of three staff led by chief designer Gary Anderson. Five drivers took part in the sixteen round championship for the team.

Andrea de Cesaris was the only one to drive the full season, despite failing to pre-qualify for the opening round of the championship in Phoenix. It was also de Cesaris who scored the team's best finish of the season, with a fourth place at both Montreal and at Mexico City.

Bertrand Gachot secured his best finish of his shortened season, with a fifth place - just over 2 seconds behind de Cesaris at the finish.

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